Super Mario Kart Flash Game

    How to Play Super Mario Kart

    Game Controls - Arrow Keys: Drive/Brake - Esc: Pause/Menu

    Mario Cart is a flash game similar to Super Mario Kart. Race as Mario against Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. There are 3 racing modes to choose from: Career, Single Race, & Time Trial. In Career mode you do battle against 3 other racers and there are 4 different tracks to race. Single race mode allows you to race against the CPU opponents on the track of your choice. Lastly, the Time Trial mode allows you to race against yourself as you try to beat your best track time. Unlike Super Mario Kart, you do not collect items. However, you can instead make use of the mushrooms (gives a speed boost) laid on the track. Try and avoid the Bananas or you will skid and your kart will temporarily lose speed.